Donate to support torture survivors living on £5 a day

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Inflation is at its highest point in decades. Rice on our supermarket shelves is almost doubling in price.

Meanwhile, many of the torture survivors we support are still being given just over £5 a day from the government and risk going hungry as a result.

No one should be forced to choose between eating and staying warm. We have to tackle this problem - now.

Our Emergency Relief Fund exists to support survivors on the verge of destitution, and is powered by people like you.

For torture survivors like Galib, the emergency relief fund is a lifeline. When Galib had nothing to sleep on but a cold hard floor and nowhere to cook himself a meal after escaping torture, you were there. Through the Emergency Relief Fund, he was able to buy a bed, hot food and afford to travel to the therapy sessions he desperately needed to start healing.

Unfortunately the cost of living crisis set to have a devastating impact on the most vulnerable members of society, so the need for the fund is greater now than ever.

Please will you donate now to help torture survivors like Galib to afford basic necessities so they can live in dignity while they heal during this crisis?