A major health crisis is unfolding. A Covid outbreak has put vulnerable refugees in danger.

Join us to call for the camps to close NOW.

"I came from a country of torture and war to seek peace in the UK. In the camp, I didn’t sleep with the flashbacks, worries from Covid19, and the horrible conditions." – Former resident of Penally barracks

Since September last year, the government has been using decommissioned army barracks in Wales and Kent to house asylum seekers.

People are sleeping in dormitory style blocks with bunk beds and are unable to socially distance or properly self-isolate. They do not have access to adequate healthcare.

Trapped in the camps, the mental health of residents is deteriorating too and there have been a number of suicide attempts.

We wrote to the government, with the British Medical Association, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Faculty of Public Health and others to warn them about the dire health risks of housing these very vulnerable people in the camps. They rejected our concerns.

Now there's been a Covid outbreak in one of the barracks and it can only be a matter of time before infection is rife in both centres.

This cannot continue.

Send a message to the government: empty the barracks, close the camps, save lives.