Urgent: Stop the UK Decriminalising Torture

URGENT: in its current form, the Overseas Operations Bill would effectively decriminalise torture. Write to your MP today to stop it.

The government wants to decriminalise torture and other crimes against humanity by British soldiers if they are more than five years old.

That is what they would be doing if they pass the Overseas Operations Bill, due to be debated by MPs in Parliament on Wednesday 23rd September.

As a torture survivor, I’m really afraid of what this might mean. Torture should never go unpunished.

The UK has historically led the way in opposing torture. If the UK introduces this law now, what’s to stop other states from doing the same?

This would give the green light to torturers everywhere. We can’t let that happen.

Will you take 30 seconds today to write to your MP, and ask that they oppose this bill?

Torture is never acceptable, under ANY circumstance - no matter who commits it.

I came to this country because the UK has led the way when it comes to the fight against torture. Let’s honour that tradition and stop this bill.

Thank you,

Nasrin Parvaz
Writer and Survivors Speak OUT member