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Your donation will help survivors of torture to rebuild their lives and support our campaigning for fair asylum policies.

The Home Office continues to detain survivors of torture when they seek safety in the UK. This is despite its own policies and evidence of the harm detention causes...

When Maaya arrived at Heathrow after fleeing from her torturers in Sri Lanka, she was alone and frightened. Eventually, she met some fellow Tamil people, who suggested she apply for asylum.

Maaya began to have hope again. But on her second visit to the reporting centre, she was put in handcuffs and driven away to Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre.

Maaya was innocent, but was being treated like a criminal. This was the UK, but to her it felt no different to when they took her to be tortured in Sri Lanka. She was in a dark van with high windows. Again, she couldn’t see where they were taking her. Again, she was crying. Again, she felt hopeless and scared.

Detention makes it harder to recover from torture. It re-traumatises, it deteriorates mental health and it can take a survivor’s journey of recovery right back to the beginning.

Will you help us break the cycle of trauma for people like Maaya?

Your support can provide therapy so survivors can begin to overcome torture. It can fund our legal and welfare support so survivors can build a new life in the UK. And it can support our campaigning for fair asylum policies, that protect survivors from being locked up in the UK.