Help ensure torture survivors are protected

Right now, vulnerable men, women and children who have come to the UK to escape torture are at risk of being sent back to persecution.

Our shocking research shows that people who have survived horrific violence and abuse are being denied safety in the UK despite having valid asylum claims.

We’ve revealed that Home Office caseworkers frequently mishandle and disregard expert and independent medical evidence that has been gathered to support their decision-making.

In three quarters of the cases we studied where the final outcome was known, people who had been denied asylum were later offered protection after an appeal judge overruled the caseworker’s decision.

People who have fled torture should not have to fight this hard to be believed. The stakes are simply too high.

That’s why we’re campaigning for asylum decision-making to be improved. And we’ve already made vital progress: the Home Office has acknowledged that things must change.

But political uncertainty and stretched resources are now threatening to push crucial reforms onto the backburner. We can’t afford to lose momentum now.

Help us keep up the pressure: ask your MP to push for an inquiry into how the Home Office handles evidence of torture in asylum cases.