Increase the weekly asylum allowance - SIGN THE PETITION

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the government has increased Universal Credit by £20 per week. It should do the same for the weekly support allowance for people seeking asylum.

We have written to the Home Secretary and the Chancellor of the Exchequer calling upon them to increase asylum support allowance in line with the increase to Universal Credit, along with 60 other organisations. Join our calls by signing our petition today.

Coronavirus doesn't discriminate - and neither should the government. The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting all of us - and hitting the most vulnerable in our communities hardest.

People on asylum support receive a maximum of £37.75 a week, forcing them to choose between basic medicines, supplies, and food. Unless in very exceptional circumstances, they are not allowed to work. Living on just £5 per day makes preparing for illness and self-isolation impossible.

No one should have to choose between medicine, food, or protection at a time like this.

The government has shown that it understands these unprecedented times call for increased support to the most vulnerable. It has increased Universal Credit by £80 per month. It has called upon local authorities to house all homeless people. It has suspended all evictions.

It's time to offer extra support to people seeking asylum, too.

Tell the government to immediately increase the asylum allowance by the same amount as it has increased Universal Credit. Show your support: sign the petition and share this page today.