Ask your MP to stand against the Anti-Refugee Bill

URGENT: if passed into law, Priti Patel's Anti-Refugee Bill will destroy the lives of countless people seeking asylum. Write to your MP to stop it.

If it becomes law, the Anti-Refugee Bill will:

❌ Put people at risk of being sent back to torture and persecution⠀⠀
❌ Make it harder for torture survivors to build a new life in the UK⠀
❌ Prevent families from being reunited⠀

More than 40,000 of you have signed the petition to tell Priti Patel: refugees welcome.

Now it's time for us to write to MPs and ask them to stand up against this cruel Anti-Refugee Bill.

So we're asking you to write to your MP today and call on them to oppose this cruel Anti-Refugee Bill.

As their local voters, we have the power to hold them to account. MPs have a duty to represent their constituents. They’ll also want your vote at the next election - so they have good reason to listen up.

We've already proven people power can lead to victory with our campaigns this year. Now, with so many depending on us, it’s time to win again.