For people who've survived torture, like Karim, music has the power to change their lives.

It has the power to help them recover from years of torment.

Karim looked so sad, angry and exhausted when he first walked into our music therapy room. He found it hard to talk in conventional therapy, so he began keeping all of his worries, thoughts and feelings to himself, but the memories of his torture were so painful that they began to make him ill. The moment Karim picked up a flute, that’s when his recovery began.

Music therapy makes a lot of the people we work with, like Karim, feel protected from the outside world. It’s like they are in a safe sanctuary.

This is why we're appealing to your kindness today. People like Karim have gone through experiences that are unspeakable and through music they are able to process it without talking about it. We have to offer this life-changing therapy to more people who may stay silent and tormented if we can’t help them express their feelings.

Will you help one more survivor to express themselves in a way that makes them feel safe and comfortable by supporting our music therapy?

Thank you.