Publish The Windrush Report: Write to Your MP!

With the news about the #Jamaica50 deportations on February 11th, the government’s hostile environment is once again in the spotlight.

We are appalled that such drastic action has been taken without any indication that lessons have been learned from the Windrush scandal, in which people with every right to be in the UK were detained and removed.

That’s why we are calling on the Home Secretary to publish the Windrush report.

The government itself admitted serious mistakes were made, and commissioned an independent review. But the Windrush report, submitted to the Home Secretary last year, has still not been published.

Our Lessons Not Learned report, co-authored with several partner organisations, exposed the shocking failure over 15 years of the Home Office to act on endemic problems with asylum and immigration decision-making, and a culture that fails to prioritise the protection of vulnerable people.

Leaked reports last year suggest that the Windrush Lessons Learned report came to similar conclusions.

And now they are trying to cover it up. But that’s not acceptable: the Home Office must release the Windrush report.

The Home Office needs to stop stalling and release this report now.

Tell your MP to pressure the Home Secretary to release it by using our template – it only takes 30 seconds.