A safe place - Sign our declaration

Our core values are under threat. Extremist views are becoming normalised even in the mainstream media. Leaders across the world are giving the green light to gross violations of human rights. Britain faces an uncertain future.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital we stand up for what’s right. We want to live in a country that is certain torture is always wrong. A place that believes in compassion and fairness. A place that welcomes people who have survived torture.

Sign the declaration and help us call for a future in which the UK stays a safe place for people fleeing torture – a place we can all feel proud to call home.

The declaration

I believe the UK should be a place of safety for people who have survived torture

The UK must:

  1. Be proud to offer safety to people forced to flee their homes because of torture.
  2. Ensure a fair system that gets decisions on asylum claims right first time. The people making decisions about peoples' lives must not reject them unfairly and send them back to torture.
  3. Give people who have been tortured the chance to rebuild their lives and become part of our society. To do this, it must help them access therapy, healthcare, education, legal support and a safe and secure home.
  4. Not lock-up people who have already suffered terrible abuse. Survivors of torture should never be detained for immigration purposes.
  5. Stand up to governments and our leaders when they commit or enable torture or turn a blind eye to it. Torture destroys peoples' lives. We believe that trade agreements should never take priority over people’s rights. Nothing can ever justify torture.