Stand against torture

Stand with survivors like Gabriel

By visiting this page, you’ve shown you won't stand by while others are in need. Gabriel was the same. He became a lawyer because he felt he had to stand up for the poorest and most vulnerable in his home country of Sierra Leone. 

Gabriel’s work led to his own arrest and cruel, abusive torture in an underground police cell. This is how Gabriel describes his ordeal:

“The dungeon was a small underground cell. There were more than 10 of us in there – so overcrowded we couldn't sit or lie down. There was no food, no water, nowhere to go to the toilet except the floor. The smell and the flies were foul.

“Over the next three days and three nights, I was subjected to all sorts of ill treatment. The physical pain was intolerable. You can’t sustain that level of pain. It's unbearable. It raised all sorts of questions in me. Was I right? Was the fight worth it?”

Now, more than ever, survivors like Gabriel need you to stand with them. They need you to provide strength and support. 

Donate now, and help provide therapy that will enable survivors like Gabriel recover from the horrific effects of torture.