Take a stand against torture

Right now the UK stands at a crossroads. As we prepare to leave Europe and forge new relationships across the globe, now is a critical time for us to stand by our values. To stand strong against torture in all its forms, wherever it occurs.

The UK has a proud tradition of championing human rights and the absolute ban on torture. Our moral and legal leadership against torture dates back centuries. We need your help to make sure these values are not torn up and consigned to history because of uncertainty, fear and division.

Tell the Prime Minister to show strong and unwavering opposition to torture, at home and abroad.

Torture is always wrong, proven as ineffective and illegal under international law. Despite this, it is actively used in countries across the world to control dissent and silence people. We know this because we support survivors from those countries every day.

As the Prime Minister continues to build relationships with other countries, we must ensure that turning a blind eye to torture is not an option.

In these times of change and uncertainty, let’s make sure our fundamental values are clear and we are resolute in protecting them. Join us and stand up against torture.