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URGENT: Act now to protect refugees from Priti Patel's anti-refugee bill.

What's happening in Afghanistan is a tragedy unfolding on the world stage.

Nobody chooses to be a refugee. No Afghan or anyone else seeking safety today has chosen to flee from their homes.

But we can choose how we respond.

The UK government wants to turn away as many people seeking safety as possible by passing her anti-refugee bill.

This nasty bill will:⠀

❌ Put people at risk of being sent back to torture and persecution⠀⠀
❌ Make it more difficult for torture survivors to build a new life in the UK⠀
❌ Prevent families from being reunited⠀

We must say no to these plans. We must say no to racism and cruelty.

Thousands of people just like you are taking a stand to tell Priti Patel, enough is enough!

If you believe...

✅ in compassion and kindness
✅ that we should have an asylum system that’s fair, efficient and humane
✅ in welcoming refugees

...then add your name and stand with refugees!