“This is my recipe. I call it international bread.”

Baking bread might seem like a simple thing to do but we have seen incredible therapeutic results. Can you help fund our bread making group?

This recipe below was created in Freedom from Torture’s bread group by Max who was tortured in Ethiopia. He was locked up in a cell, beaten and forced to work hard labour all day in the hot sun. To this day he doesn’t know why he was targeted.

The bread group gave Max hope. Max said, “Without the bread making group I don’t think I would be here today. It was hard for me to talk about what I’d been through at first but baking bread together helped us all to learn to trust.”

Baking takes survivors’ minds away from their nightmares. It can remind them of their childhoods, their mothers and their home. It can help them grow in confidence and make friends. Even the physical art of making bread helps relieve tension and anxiety.

Max told me, “After a while, the negative thoughts were replaced by more positive thoughts. I had happy memories of cooking with my grandma. We experimented making our own recipes in the group and we joked when they went wrong. I laughed. I felt like myself again.”

- Sarah Owen, Director of Clinical Services