Will you be there for young torture survivors like Ali?

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Torture attempts to silence and break people. As a charity, we help survivors to find their voices again and rebuild their lives. But, currently, we can only help 1 in 3 people referred to our services due to lack of funds, and that includes young torture survivors like Ali.

At only 16 years old, Ali fled from his home town in Afghanistan after being tortured because of his ethnicity. Thanks to the support of kind people like you, we were able to give him psychological as well as legal and practical assistance, to help him start a new life in the UK.

But 97 young survivors like him turn to us for help each month.

Will you show care and compassion to a child like Ali who’s been tortured? Where there is sadness and isolation, you can bring the hope of recovery.

Please give what you can today. Thank you.